Latte Macchiato Raspberry Parfaits

Latte Macchiato Mousse

4.40 oz (125 g)Latte Macchiato Flavor Paste (DRE 28104 9)
88.00 oz (2,500 g)Basic Recipe for Neutral Mousse (recipe below)

Raspberry Mousse

4.40 oz (125 g)Raspberry Flavor Paste (DRE 20804 6)
0.03 oz (1 g)Fruit Acid (DRE 53304 9)
88.00 oz (2,500 g)Basic Recipe for Neutral Mousse (recipe below)

Meringue (Basic Recipe)

5.64 oz (160 g)Egg Whites
5.29 oz (150 g)Sugar
0.028 oz (0.80 g)Cream of Tarter

Basic Neutral Mousse Powder Recipe

35.00 oz (1,000 g)Neutral Mousse Powder (DRE 15804 4)
118.00 fl (3,500 ml)Cold Milk
17.00 (500 ml)Unsweetened Dairy Cream


As NeededRaspberry Dessert Sauce (DRE 59404 0)
As NeededJura - Point (96213)
As NeededMocha Beans (96320) or Dark Chocolate Covered Instatnt Coffee (LUK G504)

Meringue Instructions:
Whip egg whites and cream of tarter. Gradually add sugar until mixture thickens. Spread onto baking sheet and keep under 212 F (100 C) overnight to dry. Break up meringue.


  1. Mix Neutral Mousse Powder and liquid into a high bowl and mix on high speed for approx.. 5 minutes until mousse has achieved a creamy consistency.
  2. Halve the mix. Flavor one half with Raspberry Fruit Paste and the Fruit Acid and the other half with Latte Macchiato Flavor Paste.
  3. Fill into glasses, the mousses and meringue alternately.
  4. Keep cold for 3 hours at 37 F-44 F (3-7C)
  5. Decorate.