Vanilla Christmas Log

Jean Ducourtieux Sponge Sheet

1 Piece (23" x 15" x .31")Plain (799728)
1 Piece (23" x 15" x .31")Cocoa (799820)

Caramel Apple Compote

14.00 oz (400 g)Apples
5.30 oz (150 g)Caramel

Bavarian Vanilla

17.63 oz (500 g)Milk
17.63 oz (500 g)Cream
7.00 oz (200 g)Egg Yolks
10.58 oz (300 g)Sugar
28.20 oz (800 g)Whipped Cream
12 countGelatin Sheets

Caramel Apple Compote
Peel the apples and cut into cubes. Cook apples with caramel and refrigerate.

Bavarian Vanilla
Heat the milk and cream. Add egg yolks to the sugar. Mix together and cook at 185F (85C). Stir in the gelatin (soaked and drained). Mix all together and strain. After cooling, fold in whipped cream until a homogeneous mixture.

Decorating and Finishing
Use the gutter pan and pour in the Vanilla Bavarian Cream. Place a strip of Jean Ducourtieux plain sponge sheet onto cream, then add caramel apple compote. Place second strip of sponge on top of compote. Ice the log with a white or neutral glaze. For the decoration, cut round pieces of plain and cocoa sponge and sprinkle with powder. After icing, place round sponge pieces around the log starting from one end to the other. At the base of the log, place a rectangular sponge sheet.