Blueberry Lavender Gelato


5.29 oz (150g) Trifrutta 50 (DRE 44608 0)
1.79 lb (810g) Sugar
3.97 lb (1800g) Water
3.17 oz (90g) Blueberry Dreidoppel Flavor Paste (DRE 21304 0)
4.23 oz (120g) Lavender Dreidoppel Flavor Paste (DRE 23820 3)
2.65 lb (1200g) Blueberry puree or frozen blueberries
0.32 oz (9g) Dreidoppel Fruit Acid (DRE 53304 9)

Decoration (At Will)

Fresh Lavender


Mix Trifrutta 50 with sugar, water, Dreidoppel Blueberry Flavor Paste, blueberry puree, Dreidoppel Fruit Acid, and frozen blueberries. Mix again, let it rest for about 20 minutes, then freeze.

Decorate at will with fresh berries and lavender.

Suggestion: Use any other berry paste or frozen berries instead of blueberry to create another taste in combination with lavender.