Mascarpone Meringue

Recipe by: Dreidoppel


1 Ice Cream Tray
2.20 lb (1000 g) Base
1.76 oz (50 g) Mascarpone Gelatop (DRE 57108 9)


1.10 lb (500 g) Icing Sugar
8.82 oz (250 g) Water
1.76 oz (50 g) Dreidoppel Elsan (30781)


As Desired Meringue
As Desired Marmoria Raspberry (DRE 54904 0)
As Desired Raspberries, fresh
As Desired Pineapple Leaves, fresh
As Desired Isomalt

Ice Cream

  1. Combine Base with Mascarpone Gelatop and freeze.
  2. Create a marbled effect with Marmoria Raspberry and smooth the ice cream in the tray.
  3. Cover with meringue. Flame the meringue until it is caramelized.
  4. Garnish the ice cream as desired with fresh raspberries, pineapple leaves and Isomalt sugar decorations.


  1. Mix Dreidoppel Eisan with water and beat until stiff, add icing sugar gradually.
  2. Beat until the mixture achieves the desired consistency.