Mandarin Cheesecake

Recipe by: Dreidoppel


5.00 oz (140 g) Shortcrust Pastry Base
1.76 oz (50 g) Powerfilling Peach Passion Fruit
3 pcs Special Orange Bases; 22 cm Ø, 1.5 cm thick
7.00 oz (200 g) Mandarins, canned
6.70 oz (190 g) Sugar Syrup
0.35 oz (10 g) Mandarin Flavor Paste (DRE 21004 9)


5.00 oz (140 g) Fond Royal CL Cheesecake
7.94 oz (225 g) Water
1.23 lb (560 g) pcs Unsweetened Dairy Cream, whipped


14.11 oz (400 g) Cream for decoration with Stabifix F (DRE 31904 9)
0.35 oz (10 g) Mandarin Flavor Paste (DRE 21004 9)
As Needed Egg Yellow Food Color


  1. Spread the Powerfilling Peach Passion Fruit over the shortcrust pastry base.
  2. Place the darkest special base on top and drizzle over the liquid. Place half of the mandarins on top.
  3. Mix the cheesecake mixture and spread a third over the base, smooth out, place the next lightest base on top and repeat the process.
  4. Place the last drizzled base on top, smooth the remaining cheesecake mixture on top and chill.
  5. Mix the cream for decoration with the Mandarin Flavor Paste and Egg Yellow Food Color and decorate the cake.