Cranberry Almond Truffles

Recipe by: Dawn Parrott


50 ctTruffle Shell (96157)
As Needed Almond Slivers and Crushed Almonds

Cranberry Ganache

107gLes Louis Blanc 30% (DGF 2120)
44g Heavy Cream
20g Cranberry Flavor Paste (DRE 29804 7)
18g Triple Sec (or your preferred orange liqueur)

Almond Ganache

150gMaracaibo 38% (DGF 2111)
45g Heavy Cream
32g Viennese Almond Flavor Paste (DRE 24204 0)
33g Almond Liqueur

Ganache Instructions

  1. Combine the heavy cream and flavor paste in a sauce pan.  Bring to boil.
  2. Once boiled, add the liqueur, return pot to heat source and boil one more time.
  3. Pour the heated cream mixture over white chocolate. Allow to sit for a minute before stirring.  This will start the chocolate melting and make for a more consistent ganache.  Using a spatula, begin stirring in small circles in the center, getting larger as it combines.
  4. Stop stirring once all ingredients have been combined.

**over stirring can cause your ganache to break, do not over stir.


  1. When using milk chocolate, the working temperature will be 30°C.  So ensure that your ganache is below this temperature to avoid melting your truffle shells.
  2. Fill piping bags, or squeeze bottles with your ganaches.  First fill your truffle shells halfway with the cranberry ganache.
  3. Here you have an option to add crushed almond for some added flavor and crunch or leave smooth with just your ganache.
  4. Using the almond ganache, fill the shell just to the opening.  Careful not to overfill as you need room to seal the truffle shell with tempered chocolate.
  5. Allow to fully cool or place in a refrigerator for a quicker setting time.
  6. Seal your truffle shells with your tempered Maracaibo chocolate and allow to fully cool.
  7. To coat, dip your hand & truffle in the chocolate and gently roll the truffles in your hand to get a rough coating.  Place them on a parchment paper to set.
  8. To finish them off you can add some chopped almonds or almond slivers to the top.