New Product Alert: Hibiscus Flavor Paste
February 27, 2020

New Product Alert: Hibiscus Flavor Paste

Hello Hibiscus

Spring has sprung at ifiGOURMET! Introducing our newest Dreidoppel Flavor Paste, Hibiscus. This vibrant fuchsia paste stuns the senses with a sweet aroma and a fruity, floral flavor. Hibiscus blossoms release a tart, almost cranberry-like flavor, leaving a memorable mark in almost any desser!

The Specifics

Hibiscus Flavor Paste is all natural, Kosher, and bake-stable and can be used in a multitude of dessert formats. Because of Dreidoppel’s product versatility, Hibiscus Flavor Paste can be used in glaze, mousse, buttercream, drinks, marinades, and more. Bake the flavor in a cake or add it to an iced tea, whatever way you use it, we guarantee you’ll love it!

Ideas & Inspiration

Let's jumpstart your ideas with a few of ours! We decided to use the Hibiscus Flavor Paste in:

Created using: Cocoa Sponge Sheet, Gelatin Leaves, Stabifix F Cream Stabilizer, Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Natural Dark Confectionery Coating, White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, and White Chocolate Microdrops.

Created using: Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Glucose, Cocoa Butter, Nevado 35% White Chocolate, and Palenque 70% Dark Chocolate.

Created using: Hibiscus Flavor Paste, Gelatin Leaves, Glucose, Neutral Mousse Mix, White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, Plain Sponge Sheet, Nevado 35% White Chocolate, Honey Dessert Sauce, Orange Flavor Paste, and Vanilla Moroni Flavor Paste.

How Will You Use It?

As you can see, Hibiscus goes well with a variety of other flavors! However, one of our favorite combinations is Hibiscus and Chocolate. It’s the perfect pairing since PB&J! How will you use Hibiscus Flavor Paste? Tag us @ifigourmet on Instagram and Facebook!

Available Floral Flavors

Hibiscus will join ifiGOURMET’s other floral pastes: Lavender, Rose, and Elderflower.