Sinfully Delicious Desserts- Visit ifiGOURMET at IBIE in Las Vegas!
July 31, 2019

Sinfully Delicious Desserts- Visit ifiGOURMET at IBIE in Las Vegas!

Vegas-It’s Time for a Cool Down

Come chill with us! Our impeccable thaw-and-serve desserts (and our awesome team) are coming to serve you at IBIE 2019! If you need to “cool” down in Vegas, come get a taste of our Frozen desserts, with a simple thaw-and-serve ability created with the best ingredients to ensure the best taste.

Sweet Indulgence

Satisfy your cravings with us at Booth #960, located in the North Hall. Come meet us and sample:

Filled & Frozen Eclairs

Try 9 amazing flavors developed by yours truly! Created using our best ingredients, these thaw & serve masterpieces are made of Jean Ducourtieux buttery eclair shells, Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes, and Luker Chocolate ganache. When combined, it equals flavor perfection.

  • Vanilla- This classic flavor is a simple fan favorite, filled with a creamy Vanilla Moroni flavored diplomat cream and topped with a rich, dark chocolate ganache. A bite into this, and your taste buds will thank you.
  • Chocolate Mousse- Our Chocolate filled & frozen eclair is one that never goes out of style. It's flaky, buttery eclair shell wraps around a decadent chocolate mousse filling. Topped with a dark chocolate ganache, this heavenly dessert is perfection.
  • Espresso- We need a tall cup of Espresso Eclair in the mornings! A bite into this chocolate ganache topped buttery eclair wakes us right up. The Dreidoppel Espresso flavored diplomat cream is voluptuous, allowing you to fully experience its amazing texture combination with the flaky eclair shell.
  • Chocolate Raspberry- A dark, fruity, melt-in-your-mouth bite that you'll want again and again. Created using a fresh buttery eclair shell, stuffed with rich chocolate raspberry mousse, and layered with a chocolate ganache.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter- A flaky, buttery eclair shell stuffed with a luscious peanut butter diplomat cream and topped with a milk chocolate ganache. A powerful punch of nuttiness!
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly- Our Peanut Butter and Jelly Eclair is one for the books and will instantly steal your heart. A bite into the luscious, peanut butter cream filled eclair will bring you right back to the good old days.
  • Strawberries and Cream- Get all the joys of the fan favorite flavor in our Strawberries and Cream Eclair. Enrobed in a soft, flaky eclair shell and topped with a strawberry white chocolate ganache, a bite into this dessert will release a strong scent and taste of fresh strawberries.
  • Pistachio Mascarpone- Others will be green with envy when they see this in your hand. Our cannoli-inspired Pistachio Mascarpone Eclair is an immaculate flavor combo that's just begging to be eaten.
  • Bananas Foster- Boozy rum and fruity banana flavors combined into one delicious dessert. Our Bananas Foster Eclair is sure to become one of your customer's favorites.

Pomone Lava Cakes

So much lava love! 5 flavors of molten, moist, magnificence. These mini cakes require only a minute in the microwave, a time-saving solution for busy bakery days. Dig your spoon into a warm, gooey cake and watch the melted insides pour out. Available in Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Passion Fruit, White Chocolate, and Caramel. This assortment of flavors and the dessert itself will easily become a business driver as customers fall in love with the warm cake. For more information about Pomone and the lava cakes, check out our blog welcoming Pomone to our family of brand partnerships.

Also Showing and Sampling

  • Graham Cracker Tarts- 4 sizes of slightly spiced, crunchy goodness!
  • Shorty Tart- Our bite-sized tiny tart, perfect for catering!
  • The Dutchy-A giant cream puff stuffed with over 2.75 oz of pure sweetened dairy cream filling. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Macarons- Authentic French macarons from Franck Deville, available in VanillaLemon,  Chocolate,  Raspberry,  Hazelnut Praline,  Rose Lychee,  Coffee,  Pistachio, and  Salted Caramel. Along with these delectable options, we are excited to say that we will be unveiling 3 new macaron flavors at the show! Be one of the firsts to stop by our booth to sample our newest additions to our Franck Deville authentic French macaron assortment.

Catering & Buffet Friendly Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for catering and buffets, then stop by our booth! A chef will be demonstrating recipes live to show you simple and innovative ways to use our versatile ready-to-fill tart shells.

Time is Money

Your time is valuable. That’s why we are all about convenience! We are here to offer you time-saving solutions that will also drive your business. Please look through our website and download our catalog to see the wide assortment of ingredients we carry to help your business flourish; We are Your Source For All Things Sweet!


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