The Bussy Crunch:  8 Ways to Use Their Wafers
June 16, 2019

The Bussy Crunch: 8 Ways to Use Their Wafers

Wafer Heaven

You are now entering wafer heaven: Welcome to Bussy. Bussy, an Italian wafer company, offers an assortment of ready-to-fill, ready-to-decorate, and ready-to-eat wafer products ideal for the ice cream and pastry industries.

Let's Go Back...

Bussy was established in the 1950s in Milan, Italy (where it is currently still based). Originally known as a Swiss company named “Bricelets de Vevey”, the brand was taken over in 1967. 3 years later, the “Cannolo” was born and marketed as a “semi-finished” product for quick preparation of dessert recipes filled with cream, custard, ganache, or ice cream.

Great Ingredients, Spectacular Taste

All Bussy production is GMO free and the raw materials are carefully selected and monitored. The company also does not use any preservatives since the wafers are low moisture and low fat. An added bonus: their products are all natural!

We may be a bit biased, but we are huge fans of these buttery, fresh, and crunchy wafers. ifiGOURMET carries an assortment of Bussy products and has been selling them to chefs and the culinary industry for years. During this time, we have had time to experiment with how to use these wafers on various desserts. Here are some ways to use Bussy’s wafers in your bakery, restaurant, and ice cream shop.

It's a Wafer Party!

1.) Gelato/Ice Cream Topping

Ice cream & Gelato shops, this one’s for you! Set yourself apart from the competition and top off your creamy, cold indulgences with a crisp Bussy wafer. Not only will it enhance your presentation, but the extra “snack” gives people more flavor, texture, and a bigger bang for their buck. Pro tip: our Gelato Fan says “gelato”, giving your dessert Instagram worthy pizazz

2.) Cannolo Pops

Filled, topped, and decorated cannolos on a stick?! Count us in. These wafers come ready-to-fill and their versatility allows for easy personalization. Fill with mousse or gelato, dip in chocolate, top with sprinkles, and put it on a stick. Freeze and…voila! A colorful, creamy, and crunchy dessert. Great for catering, bakery shops, and more.

3.) Mini Ice Cream Bites

Add playful colors and textures to your desserts! Our adorable Sprinkle Baskets put a load of fun in one bite. These chocolate coated wafer baskets are covered in tiny rainbow sprinkles and are ready to be filled with ice cream, mousse, pastry cream, and more. These will become a customer fan favorite for sure!

4.) Milkshake Toppers/Straws

These wafers bring all the people to your shop, oh yeah, milkshakes are better this way! Bussy’s wafer straws are perfect for your milkshake creations. Choose from plain, chocolate striped, and even chocolate coated to give the drinks some crispy fun.

5.) Plated Desserts

Ready-to-fill, time saving, catering all stars. Cannolos can be used to create beautiful plated desserts, being the dessert themselves, or enhancing it. For an added design element, cover the ends of the cannolo with chocolate in fun shapes and styles.

6.) Decorate Sides/Top of Cake

Use cannolos for height and dimension! Such a simple, but showstopping decoration will instantly attract onlookers. For a more elaborate look, use our Gelato Wafers around the sides of the cake to create a chevron-style design!

7.) Frozen Cannolos

If you’re searching for a product that requires minimal effort, these are your new best friend. Our frozen cannolos are available in 3 different toppings with either white chocolate or chocolate mousse fillings. They will save you time, taste great, and can be decorated if you’re feeling creative!

8.) Holiday Fun

Create a quick holiday dessert! Cannolos will help your party crackle and pop! We created “firecrackers” with our chocolate stripped cannolos, filled them with mousse, decorated with our 4th of July decor, and stuck a sparkler in them! Boom, automatically festive and impeccably delicious for a night under the fireworks.

Are You Crushing on the Bussy Crunch?

We love the Bussy Crunch and we know you will too! Now how will you use them? Whether you’re an ice cream shop, sell milkshakes, or make elaborate plated desserts, the crunch and taste of Bussy wafers will take your desserts to an extraordinary level. Try them yourselves and tag us in your creations with #cannolocraze and #bussycrunch.