ifiGOURMET Brings the Chill to IDDBA in Orlando, FL!
May 10, 2019

ifiGOURMET Brings the Chill to IDDBA in Orlando, FL!

Thaw, Eat, Repeat

Catch some rays in the sunshine state and cool off with thaw and serve desserts! ifiGOURMET is thrilled to be exhibiting at IDDBA 2019 in Orlando, Florida this June 2-4. We will be featuring a wide assortment of our unbeatable products, including our growing frozen product lineup!

Welcome to the world of time-saving, easy or no preparation, longer shelf-life, and incredibly delicious desserts. Our frozen products are simple: thaw and serve! Our booth #3306 will be showcasing Macarons, Cannolos filled with Mousse, a Giant Cream Puff-The Dutchy, and NEW to our frozen family, Pomone Lava Cakes and our ifigourmet branded Filled & Frozen Eclairs!

Stop & Taste

Take a "sweet" break at the show! Unwind at our booth, charge your phone, grab some of our super fun swag, and indulge in a free tasting of:

Filled & Frozen Eclairs

Filled & Frozen Eclairs- 9 amazing flavors developed by yours truly! After searching the market for the perfect frozen and filled éclair to add to our product lineup, we were faced with the reality that it didn't exist yet…so we decided to create our own! We already had all the best ingredients to create them, so we got to work and created these delicious, thaw and serve masterpieces. Jean Ducourtieux buttery eclair shells + Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes + Luker Chocolate ganache=perfection.

  • Vanilla- Classic, creamy, and easily combined with other flavors.
  • Chocolate Mousse- Chocolate: the flavor that never goes out of style. Rich, velvety, and a chocoholic's dream.
  • Espresso- Wake right up with the lush combination of coffee and chocolate.
  • Chocolate Raspberry- A dark, fruity, melt in your mouth bite that you'll want again and again. Stuffed with rich chocolate raspberry mousse, and layered with a chocolate ganache.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter- A powerful punch of nuttiness! A creamy texture to satisfy any sweet craving.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly- Our Peanut Butter and Jelly Eclair will get you just as excited as you were in the good old days when you opened your lunchbox and saw that your mom packed you a PB&J sandwich. Yes-IT'S THAT GREAT.
  • Strawberries and Cream- A creamy, berry blast! Get all the joys of the fan favorite flavor in our Strawberries and Cream Éclair. A bite into this dessert will release a strong aroma and taste of fresh strawberries.
  • Pistachio Mascarpone- An immaculate flavor combo that's just begging to be eaten, including a thick, creamy filling and a white chocolate ganache sprinkled with pistachio pieces.
  • Bananas Foster- Boozy banana flavoring, buttery eclair shells, velvety ganache topping...is your mouth watering yet?

Pomone Lava Cakes

Let the Lava Flow! 5 flavors of molten, moist, magnificence featured for the very first time! Be one of the firsts to come taste these mini frozen cakes. Requiring only a minute in the microwave, dig your spoon into a warm, gooey cake and watch the melted insides pour out. Available in Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Passion Fruit, White Chocolate, and Caramel. For more information about Pomone and the lava cakes, check out our blog welcoming Pomone to our family of brand partnerships.

Also Showing and Sampling

Welcome to Flavor Town

If you're looking for flavorings that taste authentic and memorable, you've come to the right place. Our wide assortment of Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes can be used to flavor just about anything: batters, mousse, frosting, pastry, ice cream, and can even be used to create a simple syrup to flavor drinks. Whatever flavored food you conjure up in your mind, Dreidoppel helps make it happen. Don't forget—unique flavors are business drivers!

The Flavor Pastes come in fruit, citrus, floral, nut, coffee, chocolate, and liquor choices, equaling up to almost 50 flavor options. These flavorings can be used as cost effective substitutes to fresh ingredients, extracts, and more. For example, the Vanilla shortage has caused the cost of vanilla to increase. Look no further than Dreidoppel's Vanilla Bourbon or Vanilla Moroni Flavor Pastes to save money and not sacrifice true vanilla taste.

Get Crackin'

New to our ready-to-fill pastry category, our ready-to-fill Graham Cracker Tart Shells! These crunchy bases come in 4 different sizes and add a sweet, slightly spiced crunch to desserts. Perfect for the bakery case and the ideal pair for S'mores flavored tarts!

Top if Off

Decor galore! We offer toppings and inclusions for any and all desserts, including sugar decor, candied fruits, chocolate decor, colorants, and more. Whatever your bakery may need to complete a dessert, we've got you covered. Personalize and decorate with the best ingredients: Natural Sprinkles, Natural and Kosher Confetti, Kosher Chocolate toppings…shall we go on?

Social Life

Tag us in your show photos! Like and follow our social media pages @ifigourmet on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to see our posts at the show with #chillwithifi. Take photos with our team or take a selfie with your favorite ifiGOURMET dessert!