June 14, 2018

Father's Day - Dreidoppel flavor pastes

Sometimes fathers do not receive the recognition they deserve; because of day-to-day stress, routines, and activities, we sometimes forget that dads function as our role model and #1 supporters. So why don’t we celebrate dad in a way he can’t refuse: with food!

This year, ifiGOURMET wants to help you celebrate dad with Dreidoppel’s Flavor Pastes. These flavorings can be used in beverages, pastries, ice cream, mousses, or even to add an extra kick to salad dressing or barbeque sauces. Not only are they delicious, but they have a long shelf life with no artificial preservatives, consistent quality, and they save you time, energy, and money. Instead of buying a variety of ingredients that may not always be in season to get the flavor you’re craving, simply pour the syrup into a baking batter, beverage, or sauce in order to achieve the perfectly delicious taste of awesome.

So what type of dad are you trying to appeal to? A sports fan? A sweets fanatic? A business mogul? A food critic? We have an idea on how to appeal to each one.

The Sports Fan
Is there a game on? Treat dad with a barbeque style meal filled with burgers, hot dogs, and beer while he cheers on his favorite team. To amp it up a bit, here is a way to use Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes in a BBQ setting:

The Sweets Fanatic
Sometimes dad just wants to feel like a kid in a candy store- be the one to give him that feeling with scrumptious desserts.
  • Flavoring brownies, cookies, and cupcakes has never been so easy. Add Caramel (DRE 21604 1) or Tiramisu (DRE 24004 6) flavor pastes to enhance the taste of your baked goods. Want something fruity? Sweeter? Something nuttier? Don’t worry, we have flavor pastes for those cravings too.

The Business Mogul
On the way to the office? Seeing a client for lunch? Grabbing a drink with a corporate partner? Make sure you give them something that will make their stomach happy and help close their business deal.

The Food Critic
Do you have a dad that has tried everything, everywhere, and has very opinionated taste buds? Have no fear, this cuisine will only bring positive reviews.
  • Meat sauces: mix in our Espresso (DRE 26704 3) flavor paste into any duck, pork, venison, or beef dish to give the meat a tangy sensation. Tip: a beurre blanc sauce is a simple and perfect canvas for adding flavors.

So what type of dad is he? Whatever he is, we know that our Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes will help you find the way to his heart, and his stomach.

“...celebrate dad in a way he can't refuse: with food!”