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In the South-West of France is the French Department of Correze. Known for its beautiful villages and scenic countryside this charming region has an abundance of fruit farming. It was in this rich setting of fruit production that Mister Léonce Blanc started his fruit stewing business in 1892. Striving for true excellence, Mister Léonce Blanc developed his technique for selecting and preserving all the qualities of the fruit - considered one of the industry’s best. Contributing to his success was a careful selection of authentic fruits, strict adherence to quality, bold recipes and the pleasure of savoring them. Love, respect and high standards are still a core of today’s Léonce Blanc. It’s rigorously high standards, from choosing the best fruit to the most value-added process for enhancing its properties, makes Léonce Blanc one of the finest providers of fruit purees.
Fruit varieties are tested by the experts in the Léonce Blanc laboratory before selecting the fruits with the best original qualities for each recipe. Varieties are selected from areas that produce the best fruit – from distant regions of South America for exotic passion fruit, to closer to home in Rhone Valley, France for pears and apricots. The fruits’ natural sugar content  is controlled and validated upon selection and delivery because ripeness in essential to guarantee the organoleptic qualities of our purees.
The secret behind the original flavors is sugar content (Brix).  Each recipe is prepared with Brix levels adapted to the fruit’s natural flavor profile: minimum Brix levels for sour citrus fruits and high Brix levels for naturally sweet fruits like mangos. Once selected, the best fruit is prepared using traditional methods. They are refined to extract all the qualities, blended with the appropriate amount of sugar, pasteurized and immediately frozen to guarantee their preservation. Léonce Blanc offers a variety of packaging options, imagined and developed for your unique needs.
2.2lb Tray | Practical and easy to use. 22lb Pail |
An economical size for your needs that are more significant. 2.2 lb Pouch | Ambient fruit purees in a convenient, easy to pour pouch.
Bake Stable Apple Compote with Pieces Léonce Blanc’s bake-stable apple compote is a product of founder, Léonce Blanc’s, know-how in fruit stewing combined with the rich heritage of French pastry-making.
This savory and convenient filling is ideal for ideal for turnovers and strudels. It can also be used as a base for apple pies or as a layer in cakes/entremets. When baked, the compote does not leak out of your pastry.
To respect the taste of quality dishes and tradition; you should know that the compote is purely made with fresh Golden Delicious apples and no additives are added.
3/11.0 lb Can | Apple compote with pieces.
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