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DGF is the primary source in France for high quality ingredients and convenience products for culinary professionals in the pastry and confectionery industries. Located just outside Paris, DGF is known for the expertise provided by its in-house team of professional pastry chefs, who for over twenty-five years have blended innovation with a dedication to preserving the quality and tradition of French Patisserie. Their products include nut and praline pastes, chocolate products, specialty sugars, pastry cream and genoise mixes, fruits in syrup, candied fruits, ambient fruit purees and glazes.

Nut & Praline Pastes
Chocolate Products
Specialty Sugars
Fruits in Syrup
Candied Fruits
Specialty Ingredients

  • Mango Attitude

    Edelweiss Tart

    Moist Apple and Isigny Caramel Log Cake
In 2008, DGF and Europain came together to organize one of the world's most prestigious patisserie competitions. Following national and/or continental heats, young talents proudly represent their country at the Mondial Des Arts Sucres, which take place at EUROPAIN exhibition all even years. March 2014 was the fourth edition of the MDAS.