Top Ten Convenience Products
March 17, 2016

ifiGOURMET is a master importer & distributor of basic and specialty ingredients from the world's leading manufacturers of pastry, bakery, and confectionery products. But just because our products are of the finest quality and meet the exacting standards of professional pastry chefs doesn't mean they can't be fast, easy, and convenient, too. Go ahead--try these shortcuts! No one will even know, and we won't tell...

1. Ready to fill Pastry Shells

Our ready-to-fill pastry shells can make offering consistent, high quality pastry products convenient for both large and small users in various production settings. We offer a complete range of products to suit your needs. Try one of our sweet, savory and chocolate tart shells, or our line of choux, puff and savarin pastry. A light, flaky, buttery puff pastry shell like the mini bouchee with a savory salad makes a quick, but elegant appetizer. Let your customers experience a little bit of pastry heaven.

2. Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes

Dreidoppel Fruit and Flavor Pastes take our #2 spot for a reason- they are available in 45 flavors, are long-lasting, shelf-stable, and a little goes a long way, saving time and labor in the kitchen! The liquor flavor pastes--like Amaretto and Irish Cream--can be used in place of expensive liquors to flavor cakes, ice cream, whipped topping, and fondant and the Lime and Pineapple create a unexpected twist to the traditional coconut macaroon. Want more uses? Check out the blog - 40 ways to use Dreidoppel Flavor Paste.

3. Dessert Mousse Mix/Fond Royal

ifiGOURMET offers an exceptional assortment of
mousse and dessert mixes that are provide convenience and labor savings. Our house brand- ifigourmet's easy to prepare 1-step mousse mix is available in neutral, white chocolate and chocolate. It has a smooth, creamy taste with rich, deep flavor and is freeze-thaw stable. Dreidoppel's Fond Royal mixes are the best idea since whipped cream! Fond Royal is two great things in one package- a special gelatine based stabilizing agent for cold preparation is combined with sweetening and flavor. This "all-inclusive" cream preparation lets you create great recipes from whipped cream easily and pairs perfectly with any of the Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes. We call it the Dreidoppel Flavor System.

4. Disposable Pastry Bags

We carry an expansive assortment of
tools, utensils and equipment for baking, pastry, decorating and chocolate work. The Disposable Pastry Bags by Schneider is convenience on a roll! Just tear off a bag from the roll, fill and toss. They come in 3 different varieties: ECO (the inexpensive alternative), ORANGE- for heavy and warm consistencies and REGULAR for light weight consistencies. They have high burst resistance and come in a box with a convenient dispenser.

5. Chocolate Cups

ifigourmet- our private label line, has over 20 different prepared
chocolate cups as the foundation for a myriad of delectable treats. Choose from dozens of shapes, from mini fluted-edge cups to almost 4" wide dessert cups, and variations, including white, dark, and marbled chocolate--then fill with fruit, pastry cream, fond, or mousse. Garnish with one of our gorgeous little chocolate decorations, and you've created a professional looking and tasting dessert in minutes instead of hours.

6. Chocolate Décor, Toppings & Pencils

The proper garnish adds the grace note to your creation. A selection from ifigourmets' private label line of chocolate decorations is the little stroke of genius that elevates your pastry or confection. From a simple chocolate curl or stick to an elegant filigree, it's the perfect finishing touch.

7. Candied Fruits

Highlight your desserts with a variety of colors and give them that essential note of differentiation that will leave a lasting impression. Our line of
Candied Fruits from Cesarin can be used for decorations, inclusions in bread, pastry, chocolate and confections. And since they have been conveniently candied with a traditional method based on a slow osmotic process that preserves the characteristics of the fruit, the work has already been done for you.

8. Canned Fruits in Syrup

The Coeur Sauvage range of
fruits in syrup, from France, have a delicate flavor and assure the culinary professional, the highest quality fruits during any season. These fruits have been picked at the peak of freshness, hand peeled and hand packed. They are bake stable, freeze stable and ready to use- saving time and labor.

9. Spraying Bottles

Instead of brushing a sponge sheet or cake with simple syrup, working with a
spray bottle is cleaner, easier and faster! The Spraying Bottles from Schneider are food-proof, have a perforated cap with 13 holes and a printed scale on the side of the bottle.

10. Powdered Baking Flavors

Rounding out our top 10 are
Spice mixtures from Dreidoppel, making flavored spicing simple. We offer two varieties: Christollen (cinnamon, marcis, cardamom, coriander oil and vanilla extract) and Lebkuchen (coriander, cinnamon, cloves and anise) making it no longer necessary to weigh single spices- thus saving labor and time.