We're in the mood for fall
September 09, 2015

It's that wistful time of year when we're most aware of the passage of time - the evening creeps in a little earlier, there's a cooler hint to the breezes. Frisbees have been traded for footballs, and bathing suits for backpacks.

We're not quite ready to say goodbye to our lazy summer days and rush headlong into pumpkins and sweaters, so let's take the time to enjoy the last hurrah of summer fruits and anticipate the harvest bounty to come. Here are some delights to ease the transition between seasons.

Toffee Apple Tart

The elegant Toffee Apple Tart elevates classic back-to-school taffy apple flavors.
Consisting of: Mini Sweet - Square Tart shell, Toffee - Apple pastry cream and glaze.

View the recipe here.

Cranberry-Orange Harvest Tart

This Cranberry Harvest Tart-tangy cranberry and orange melded with earthy walnut and chestnut and garnished with crisp shortbread-is an autumn celebration.
Consisting of: Mini Sweet Coupelle Tart shell, Cranberry flavor paste, chestnut-white chocolate filling and orange paste Walnut shortbread baked as a flower.

View the recipe here

Black Forest Cherry Tart

A classic Black Forest Tart contrasts bright summer cherries with rich dark chocolate.
Consisting of: Mini Round - Chocolate tart, Griottine cherry pannacotta, amarena cherry - dark chocolate ganache in dark chocolate truffle shells.

Bananas Foster Tart

The Bananas Foster Tart is an ode to summer, combining tropical banana and rum flavors with caramel cream and marshmallow.
Consisting of: Mini Sweet Tart shell, Caramel cream cooked with rum flambéed bananas and banana-Jamaican rum paste. Topped with a banana rum marshmallow and banana chip.

View the recipe here

Spiced Peach Linzer Tartlet

Gingerbread spices warm up sweet summery peaches in a Spiced Peach Linzer Tartlet
Consisting of: Mini Square - Sweet Tart, peach preserves, peach flavor paste and lebkuchen spices.