Smoked Ice Cream
March 18, 2015

With the warmer, Springtime weather, we are dreaming about delicious ice cream concoctions! And whether it's a special 4th of July tradition or a favorite weekend treat, homemade ice cream really does taste better. Perhaps it's the memories that come with having ice cream at grandmas, or churning it yourself, that thick, creamy delight really is next to none.

A little background on ice cream for starters. It is a base of eggs, whole milk, heavy whipping cream and sugar. After having some difficulty finding the right consistency with homemade ice cream, I have decided to switch to inverted sugar.

The inverted sugar is sucrose which has been split into glucose and fructose. This can be found in nature in fruits and honey, but is widely used in the food industry because it can increase moisture in baked goods and decrease the chance of the sugar re-crystallizing and leaving a rough mouth-feel.

Try out some interesting flavor combinations next time you start a batch of ice cream. Find inspiration from your local ice cream shop or check out Jeni's Ice Cream or Black Dog Gelato here in Chicago. And remember, fresh mint ice cream is amazing, and doesn't have to be bright green to taste great! If you're feeling adventurous and have access to a smoker, try cold-smoking your cream first!

Check out this amazing Smoked Rosemary & Orange Ice Cream recipe by our Sweet Team Chef Andrea!

Chef Andrea Todd