About Us

About ifiGOURMET

A Sweet Company
Love, Quality, and Family Values

ifiGOURMET is a family owned and operated company that has evolved into a leading importer and master distributor of high quality baking and pastry products. For the past 25 years, ifiGOURMET has been a trusted partner to culinary professionals in the pastry, baking, confectionery, and ice cream industries.

We pride ourselves in having the best service and customer care, while practicing our "Standards of Sweet Service." We treat our customers as our top priority and consistently work to meet their needs. With our national distribution system and broad brand and product portfolios, we offer exceptional solutions to fit your needs.

We are proud of our manufacturing partners from around the world and the great products they produce. They inspire us with their innovation and give our customers the tools they need to create extraordinary confections and succeed in their businesses.

ifiGOURMET is Your Source for All Things Sweet.